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The Last Phoenix Paperback Books 1-7



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Stealing objects for supernatural clients is my bread and butter. Murder? Not so much.

I'm Veronica Neill, world class thief and the last phoenix in existence. After taking a job for a vampire in Miami, I find myself embroiled in a war that not only spans this world, but all the other realms as well, even those I never knew existed.

With the help of my witchy best friend and a sexy grim reaper agent, we can survive anything...



In this pulse-pounding collection, follow along as Veronica Neill battles a rising zombie apocalypse, discovers new realms, and navigates political and royal intrigue. From dodging a Death Enforcement Agent to battling fae mages, Veronica's journey twists and turns with every step.

As the realms collide in an epic, winner-takes-all battle, will Veronica finally get her happy ending?

Or will she sacrifice it all to save those she loves?

Curl up, get comfy, and have the tissues ready.

Bundle includes:
  1. Wings of Fire
  2. Wings of Death
  3. Wings of Winter
  4. Wings of Magic
  5. Wings of Life
  6. Wings of Deceit
  7. Wings of Mercy