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Veronica & Thane Art Print - HANDSIGNED

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Art print of Veronica and Thane, illustrated by S.J. Fowler. 4"x6" premium soft touch paper.

As I turned away this time, his hand stopped me—a scorching hot brand on my arm. Now that I was close enough to feel his breath against my face, the hint of cardamom mixed with the sweet citrus of bergamot and made my mouth water. Complex yet alluring. I looked back up, my breath coming out short.

“It’s hard to forget eyes like yours,” Thane said, lowering his gaze to my mouth. “And those lips.”

Fuck me sideways. Had I known someone would be murdered, I would never have gotten cocky enough to remove my brown contacts. The image the DEA displayed on the Community forum had revealed the color beautifully, which meant any number of Community members could connect the dots. Thank the gods Joe hadn’t.

But now the man the agency sent, one of the most attractive men I had ever seen, was tempting me like no other.

He leaned in, his lips brushing against mine, setting off an inferno-like chain reaction that lit me to my core. I might have lost all my control and thrown myself at him, pulling him into the alley, had I not heard the click.

“What the—” I jerked my head back and looked down. Handcuffs secured my wrist to his.